Advanced solutions aimed at renovating environments.


Expand your horizons starting with the environment around you: with verandas, pergolas and the innovative extension solutions SA.FRA., your home will finally take the form of your well-being.

Thanks to our verandas, the environment gets filled with new light and with the bioclimatic greenhouse solutions, you can fully enjoy the comfort of an extra room, heated in winter, cool in the summer, to enjoy the best of your home, inside as well as outside.

With the innovative canopies, you will be able to go wild , finding the ideal design of your furnishing style and your shading coverage needs . With a wide choice of boxes you will be able to have everything in order and at hand´s reach, while our experience in realization of metallic structures will allow you to choose from a wide range of customization of the interior stairs, handrails and other structural elements to furnish your home.

Whatever your needs may be, SA.FRA., the leader in housing and structural extension solutions ,will always be by your side in each phase of the project, from the initial idea, bureaucratic process until the delivery of a turn-key.

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All of the SA.FRA solutions get distinguished by their modern, tailor-made design, wind and outside noises isolation of maximal efficiency as well as high-quality materials used to ensure their excellent functioning over time. Our structures will allow you to maximize the vivability of the space, optimizing the potential of the property and its context using the maximum of every benefit with the objective to restoring the joys of living fully your own home in every season.


SA.FRA. is an authorized Gibus retailer for awnings of great qualitative and aesthetic value able to grant any kind of environment with a touch of unique originality and style.


Our projects gestured by our internal technical and operational departments who deal with everything, from the inspection to the indication of the necessary documents up to the possible submission of the application in case of need of the permits, authorizations or requests for refunds or fiscal bonuses.
The client is constantly followed from the very phase of the construction to that of the delivery , moreover, we remain always at service if consolidation is needed, the relation of transparency and mutual trust.


Fiscal deductions 2019discover the benefits forindividuals and companies.

The vast majority of SA.FRA projects falls into the category of interventions
which can benefit from fiscal deductions 2019 for greater energy
efficiency and the renovation of the buildings.

Discover all of the incentives related to the building reconstructions, Bonus 2019
for houses, Eco bonus and Green Bonus.


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