SAFRA is one of the most advanced companies of its kind in the construction of civil and industrial metallic constructions.

The know-how matured within more than 20 years of experience , the fruit of commitment and professionality allows us, today, to offer a wide variety of tailor-made realizations, all of which on a very high qualitative level.

SAFRAof the De Luca brothers

Distinguishing itself since 2001 for
its commitment, professionality and quality
in the civil and industrial constructions sector.

Based on these values, the development of the company
has been founded,which, in these days, has reached
an important position and recognizability on the market
of the metal carpentries and steel constructions.


Processing, technology and design unite in
order to realize the works which are innovative, creative and reliable.
The expert hands of the specialized personnel work
and intertwine the matter creating a product of an absolute quality.

The use of the machineries of the latest generation and
innovative technologies allow our company to create a
final product of an excellent finalization.


We believe in desire to improve people´s lives,
making the space comfortable, illuminating the
proper home and letting the heat of the sun enter into
the house of our clients, whether it is for pride or satisfaction.

The passion for our job leads us to surprising our
clients each and every time, being able to find the solutions
always more and more comfortable, including complex situations.

We believe that establishing a beatiful relation with our clients
and collaborators is a way to obtain excellent results and
a great reputation for our profession.


• UNI EN ISO 15614-1
qualified welding procedure
• UNI EN ISO 9606-1
qualified welders
• EN 14351-1:2006+A1:2010
emergency exits on escape routes
• UNI EN ISO 3834-2
welding quality requirements
• UNI EN 1090
obligatory CE marking



All of our projects are gestured by our technical and operational departments who deal with everything, from the inspection to the indication of the necessary documents up to the possible submission of the application in case some permits authorizations or requests for refunds or fiscal bonuses are needed,.The client is constantly followed from the very phase of the construction to that of the delivery, moreover, we remain always at service if consolidation is needed, the relation of transparency and mutual trust.