Deductions for residential

There are many novelties: from the confirmation of the extension of the reconstructing bonus, to the new rates of deductions for ECO bonus for the works initiated starting from 1.1.2019.

Here are the various bonus categories:

Fiscal deductions for renovation works
(art. 16 D.L. 63/2013 – art. 16 bis T.U.I.R.) As far as renovation works are concerned, the deduction of 50% is confirmed by the Irpef (Personal income tax) in the following cases- expenses for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, renovations and conservative restoration works on individual dwellings and common communal parts. The deduction can be applied to a maximum amount of expenditure equal to 96.000€. From this deduction can benefit also the works on real estates damaged by natural disasters, the purchase and construction of car garages, the elimination of the architectonic barriers as well as the adoption of anti-seismic measures. In order to use this deduction advantage, it is necessary to have made the payment by bank transfer or post, to prove the reason of the payment, the tax code or VAT number of the beneficiary of the deduction and the beneficiary of the payment. The deduction will be divided into ten annual shares of the same amount.

The Furnishing bonus 2019 (d.l. 63/2013)

The furnishing bonus, a possibility of 50% deduction from Irpef (Personal income tax) from the expenses incurred for the furnishing of a property under reconstruction is also extended until 31.12.2019. The maximum roof / ceiling expenses are still equal to 10.000 euro. The condition for utilizing the benefit is that the interventions of the reconstruction have started from 1.1.2017.

Fiscal deductions for energy saving- eco bonus (art. 14 d.l. 63/2013)

The ECO bonus has been confirmed also for 2019 but with some important news. For those who want to install new windows or change the traditional boiler with a condensation and biomass, the deduction will drop from current 65% to 50%. Also the installation of solar panels and air-conditioning will fall to 50% .

Introduction of Green Bonus

A new tax facilitation will be introduced which foresees a deduction of 36%, on documented expenditures, not higher than 5,000 €, for residential real estate units, used for the adjustments and realization of green areas, for the installation of irrigation plants, realization of wells, whether private or condominium.

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