The 12 values of SAFRA

We areone family

We support and help each other. We have mutual respect and trust.

Collaboration andenthusiasm

Together, we have the power to resolve even the problems that seem insurmountable. We are thrilled to face life and work. We confront various kinds of personal and work problems, facing everything in a harmonious way with mutual respect.

Leadership throughgood example

We are always trying to give a good example and expect the others to do the same. We don´t judge, maintaining a positive and tolerant behaviour.

A successful team beats with one heart only.


Productive people get rewarded, people who constantly create a tangible or intangible value for our clients, our company and the colleagues. Also , people who come up with solutions and solve the problems get their reward too.

Management ofimpartiality

In the assessment of
our employees.


Personal and professional growth. Ambition to obtain excellent results and bring the job to its utmost efficiency.

No matter how much a man can do, no matter how captivating his personality can be, he won´t go far in business unless he won´t be able to work with others.- John Craig –


Ethical approach towards the clients,
suppliers and especially,
our collaborators and colleagues.

Having the courageto be different

We question the old concepts and in case we have a better idea, we are ready to apply it right away.

Search for beauty andexcellent quality

We are searching for beautiful
characters and aimig to create a
product of the highest quality.

None of us is as smart as we all when put together.- Roy Kroc –

Search for comprehension

We try to listen and put
ourselves in the shoes of
whom we are dealing with .

Taking responsibility

We encourage our collaborators to use their potential and exceed the expectations.
It is also important to be able to admit and learn from the errors.

The group andthe motivation

We are one big family and we make sure
that the time we spend together is a result of
mutual interest followed by satisfaction.