We build and install antiseismic safety stairs and lofts for industrial and civil use respecting the environment as well as the safety regulations.Thanks to the metallic lofts it is possible to obtain a comorfortable space in which to store the goods for the workshops or to set up an office or a workstation. Our modular systems guarantee greater flexibilty with a modest economic commitment. SA.FRA also realizes a wide range of professional elevation stairs suitable for different sectors: construction, agriculture, carpentry, painting and great organized distribution (GDO)- mass distribution.

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Fiscal deductions 2019
discover the benefits for
individuals and companies.

The vast majority of SA.FRA projects falls into the category of interventions
which can benefit from fiscal deductions 2019 for greater energy
efficiency and the renovation of the buildings.

Discover all of the incentives related to the building reconstructions, Bonus 2019
for houses, Eco bonus and Green Bonus.


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