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Sa.Fra. Group offers, among its services, interventions of seismic adjustment and structural improvement of the already existing buildings, using the elements made of steel- material which keeps proving itself as a proper solution to this very kind of problematique.

Know how, experience and projects already completed are our strength so that we will be an ideal partner for the seismic adjustment of your constructions, both civil or industrial, respecting all the safety standards.


Designing and the realization are specifically defined for each order, according to the current norms in the field of earthquakes, respecting the standards of UNI EN ISO 1090 with the declaration of accomplishment and CE marking of the final product.

There is also a FISCAL DEDUCTION UP TO 80% for civil dwellings, industrial elements, plants and machineries (Sismabonus).


By seismic adjustment we intend all kinds of interventions that modify the already existing buildings in order to make them more resistant to the seismic activity. With a better understanding of the seismic effects on the structures and in relation to the recent events, there has been recognized the need for the anti-seismic adjustment of the already existing buidings.

For the seismic adjustment of the already existing building, there is a need to refer to the DM 14 January 2008 (NTC08) which defines the principles for the project, the execution and the final building approval of the constructions addressing the problem of those already existing.

The NTC08 define three different types of interventions that can be performed:
• Interventions of adjusment to meet the safety levels of NTC;
• Interventions of improvement to increase the existing structural safety levels without reaching the levels of NTC;
• Repairs or local interventions that effect insulation elements and that, in any case, improve the safety conditions already existing.

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