Operational Renting

A service dedicated to VAT holders, based on the possibility to add a SA.FRA structure to your business using a monthly payment. The Operational Renting is a new business possibility designed especially for the world of Ho.Re.Ca. and Commercial. The world of Hotels, Bars and Restaurants is currently going through a continuous evolution process. The essential objective is to enlarge the offer for the clients, not forgetting also the desire to create innovative spaces in order to enable the clientele to live the real space experience.

For this reason SA.FRA.  develops and realizes indoor and outdoor solutions that unite to create something unique within its kind. Adding a VERANDA by SA.FRA to your business means creating an environment for the proper customers, in which they can enjoy the thermic, visual and acoustic comfort 365 days of the year; having a larger space where to welcome them, creating new places for life; increasing the capacity and as a result also the profit.

The SA.FRA. VERANDAS are designed to satisfy any kind of customers´needs, can be installed perfectly within a landscape or an urban context and allow to offer to the proper clients an open space protected from the UV solar rays, rain and wind.
Speaking of the advantages of the VERANDAS QUBO by SA.FRA., there is a service of Operational Renting for Pergolas. The service addressed to the VAT holders allows for renting of a structure following the payment of the fee. The renting does not imply ownership of the asset under discussion, it is possible to rent a pergola without being obliged to buy it.

Consumer Card

Consumer Card for “no problem” payment. SA.FRA. has been used for many years in order to provide its CLIENTS with the most convenient tools possible to deliver a fundamental service: the consumer credit.
The client who is about to acquire one of the SA.FRA. structures knows that it´s possible to do so in all tranquility, being able to use the service of amortization of the purchase on extremely advantageous terms. The objective , as always, is to provide the final client with the best service.