The contrast between modern style and classic fascinations has never been so fashionable. With the SA.FRA structures it will be way too simple getting used to the new tendency of design MODERN CLASSIC, which , in the combination of two different styles , sees an irresistable mix of elegance and timeless charm: an antique fireplace and an industrial designer lamp in a bright colour, a classic living room with modern fixtures and a pergola structured in aluminum. Also the lovers of SHABBY CHIC will find solutions to pleasantly integrate a new pergola or a canopy for the garden or for the terrace in the very style of the proper furniture. Not to mention the new INDUSTRIAL DESIGN, which during the era of triumphing metals (especially steel and aluminum) has written its unmistakable signature during the decades and which finds its culmination point in the realization of lofts and vast open spaces for private, residential or studio/office uses.

Classic modern

Shabby chic

Industrial Style